A Business is the Best Investment

When thinking of investments, people usually think of the Stock Market and Real Estate. Both are great investments, but neither one of those compare to the return on investment that a business owner can receive from owning and running a business.

Here are a couple of simple examples that will show you how profitable owning your own business can be….

Example 1: Let’s say you run a handyman business. You pay a handyman $17.50 per hour to work on your client’s homes, and you charge the client $75 per hour. BAM! You just quadrupled your money.

Example 2: You open a tutoring center for middle grade students and high schoolers. You pay the tutors $12 per hour to tutor the students at your place of business, while you charge the client $80 per hour. BAM! You just made 6x your investment!

As a business owner, I understand that there are a lot more costs to running a business than just labor, but even with the added cost that a business produces, it also produces a much higher return.

As an investor, I love the stock market, and real estate investments are great too, but no asset has a high return on an investment like owning your own business.

I am also speaking from my direct experience with investments. I used to check my stock accounts every day. Doing that, I felt like I was looking at the same amounts every day. The stock market has returned 10% (on average) since the beginning of inception. That is just way too slow if you want to get ahead financially and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Once I moved away from corporate and started my own business, I saw that I made money a lot faster and the potential to grow my profits were endless! Becoming a business owner is a very active investment opportunity, compared to the passive investment routes of the stock market and real estate.

If you want to control your destiny, start thinking about what business you want to be in, and create it! The best investment you can make is to invest in YOU and your future.